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General renting conditions

General renting conditions

  1. The number of house inhabitants may not exceed the announced number.
  2. With offences against the valid parkrules an extraordinary notice can be expressed with house and park reference - without refunding the paid rent. (excerpts für tenants laid out ready)
  3. Domestic animals are to be announced in principle before and it a special duty to exercise diligence are requested. Please you do not leave your domestic animal alone in the house, if you are on tour. So damage in the house and annoyance with neighbours can be avoided by barking. Dogs are principally put on a leash and their pub has to be removed immediately.
  4. Per house only one barrier key is spent. Thus further cars had to be parked only outside of the park area - not on the parkingplace of the supermarket).
  5. A pre-payment at a value of 30 % of the total renting sum is requested within 14 days after conclusion of this lease by transfer to the landlord due. The remainder at a value of 70 % is payable 14 days before purchase of the house. If the conclusion of a contract should lie less than 14 days before the purchase of the house, the full amount of renting is immediately due.
  6. With not using of the contractual achievements by the tenant the contractual price is to be paid abzüglich the saved expenditures. With cancellations to 90 days before reservation date a service charge is computed of 80 %. With later refusals we compute 40 % of the sum total and with refusals 30 days before beginning of renting 80 % of the sum total. With refusals at the reservation date the full rent has to be paid, if other one letting is not more possible.
  7. The tenant is responsible for the damage to articles in the renting object and to articles, caused by him, which belong to the renting object. If a final purification should be agreed upon by the tenant with final inspection by contracting parties locally, the bail can be used proportionately also for possibly necessary subsequent cleaning. If final cleaning is ordered by contracting parties a part of the bail can will retain in cases of strong contamination, which require a longer lasting subsequent cleaning.
  8. The landlord is not responsible for damages to property and/or person of all kinds during the stay in the renting object.
  9. Area of jurisdiction is Alkmaar/NL

The agency Marita Oppermann works only as agent between owner and leaser and is not responsible for possible failings.
The agent is not responsible for uncorrect specifications and states inside and outside the vacationhomes. The specifications were made by the homeowner.

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